Chalk One Up for Warren

Wednesday, January 10, 2007 by Michelle

Do you ever wonder where I get motivation to run in all kinds of weather, run uphill even when I don’t particularly want to and workout even when it could hurt like hell afterwards? Well wonder no more. My trainer Warren wrote the following article for Testosterone Nation (an online magazine) that I think shows a bit about who I’m learning about fitness from. Warren gets out there and does what it takes to stay fit; it’s not like he’s asking me to do anything he wouldn’t do or hasn’t done himself, so I can’t very well wimp out and feel justified in doing so. How’s that for motivating?

Part 1:
Part 2:

In the comments section, he responded to one writer as follows:

Ok, so what’s worse for the obese? A minor ankle sprain or heart attack? I’ve trained a lot of obese people over the years and, while I don’t have them doing sprints on the first day, I don’t baby them either. The body can handle a lot.

Let me tell you, he’s not kidding when he says he doesn’t baby his clients. In fact, I would have left a long time ago if I ever thought he was babying me or letting me off the hook. My dear mother-in-law has been known to cry more than once, “couldn’t you drop dead from running?” I respond, “I’m more likely to drop dead from not running”.

I walked the 4km home today despite the snow because I know if I start giving myself silly excuses like the weather, the excuse file will just continue to grow. As my friend’s mom says, “There’s no such a thing as bad weather, just bad clothing choices.” After a lifetime of fat, I have no intention of ever letting myself “go there” again.

Great job on the article Warren! And I get more than a small amount of satisfaction seeing you in the photos working your ass off!

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  1. Alayne says:

    Wow… that was a long one… Alls I know is that Warren has done wonders for your figure & weight loss…

    You truly are a ‘Warren’ story!


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