Getting Sick

Friday, January 26, 2007 by Michelle

My dad was visiting last weekend and brought a nasty cold with him. Of course my sister and I caught it. Drat! I’ve been cold-free for a long time and was not happy about the impending snot-fest. Fearing the worst, I got lots of sleep and didn’t go running in the rain and cold this week. I also canceled my usual Friday workout in the gym; the last thing I want is to be responsible for making a gym full of people really unhappy! Anyway, the cold ended up being a bit of a no show; just some sniffles, stuffy head and minor aches. Nothing worth writing home about. My dad got hit like a truck, but in retrospect I shouldn’t be surprised because he is after all a heavy smoker. So today, feeling a bit like a wimp for canceling my workout, I went for a fabulous run in the sunshine (watched for the black ice though – sheesh!). Then I did a short workout and some stretching at home, and am feeling like a million bucks. So perhaps I’m not such a wimp after all. And I had better get used to doing a good workout on Fridays, as I’m going to be working out with Warren on alternating Fridays now as I wean myself off of the training-wheels.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    i was unable to comment on the earlier blogs. It said “blog problem, engineer has been contacted.” Who is this engineer?
    Is his sole job to wait to be contacted by blogspot?
    Anyway, a few sick days at home gets me caught up on your blog.
    I was trying to comment on the size 8 one – that’s a great story! I’m verklempt. I also liked the photo of you in your race gear.
    If i get over my near death thing I have, I am going to continue running and perhaps we could do a short one together – run that is. I can never do 10 k again because of my knees but a few times around Trout Lake Park doesn’t seem to kill me.
    I’m verklempt i tell you.
    p.s. – glad to see you “censor” your blog too!

  2. Alayne says:

    I felt like CRAP!!!

    Better now thanks to alternative therapy.

    I was having a brain burp for the last 2 days and had to up the meds!!!!


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