What a way to spend a short holiday!

Tuesday, December 30, 2008 by Michelle

Take a deep breath, and let it go right down deep into your toes. Now exhale slowly and feel the tension release from your body. That feeling of release is what it’s like to go to the Oasis Rejuvenation Centre and Retreat in Mission. Even after me being a pain by emailing a myriad of questions and giving a ridiculously long list of foods we couldn’t eat, Teresa nevertheless greeted us warmly with a big smile and a welcoming hug. After settling in our upgraded room, we each sat down with her to talk about the next few days. From our arrival on Saturday to our departure on Tuesday, we were fed magnificently by Bonnie and Rob (Teresa’s husband), massaged and pampered by Teresa, and, in the end, felt like we were a part of the Oasis family. Each gave of themselves and their many talents, and their puppy Sancho bounded into our hearts too. There was a night of Karaoke in their big games/play/fun room that Rob hosted with ourselves and another guest, which was a blast (Chris of course beat us all at foosball)! Will we go back? You had better believe it! Besides all of the obvious spa reasons, we want to see all the beauty of the place that was hiding under the snow!

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