A Weekend of Yoga

Monday, May 25, 2009 by Michelle

Other than one semester of yoga in Grade 9 P.E. class, I hadn't done any yoga before. I knew I really "should", but with an overwhelming number of styles and studios I just haven't. Last weekend that all changed. Yoga Outreach is a Vancouver-based organization that brings yoga to places where it isn't otherwise accessible, such as transition houses, prisons, treatment centres, etc. So my husband signed us up for their fundraiser weekend and off we went to lovely Brackendale. I got to try all kinds of yoga, eat yummy food, meet new people and enjoy nature - what more can a person ask for? The last session, I joined the laughter yoga people (my husband is an LY teacher, and was helping out), and we laughed our butts off. What a wonderful weekend. Now, I'm looking forward to trying out yoga locally at one of the supporting groups like Open Door on Commercial Drive. And I really hope to go to the retreat again next year.