Second Anniversary

Friday, June 15, 2007 by Michelle

Today is my second anniversary of starting my fitness journey, at least it's the second anniversary of setting foot in the gym to workout with a trainer. It feels great to be able to say I've not only stuck with it this long, but that I don't foresee not doing this for a long time to come. In these two years, I've:

* gone from 205 lbs (no muscle tone to speak of) to 142 lbs (a decent amount of muscle tone)
* gone from a size 16 (well, I had a couple of outfits size 18 and the 16s were getting a bit tight) to a size 6. I had never been a size 6 before!
* integrated exercise - including running and strength training mostly - into my life.
* really looked at my nutrition and made "tweaks" so my food consumption is much healthier now, especially adding breakfast every day.

This journey has been populated with a lot of great supporters - family, friends, trainer, naturopath, co-workers, sparkies - and I'm thankful for every encouragement along the way.

I still haven't figured out what I'm going to do for myself for my second anniversary, but Ted Loo Fitness (the trainers I workout with) is paying for some professional photos for me as a "success story" on the website. Ted & Warren have been instrumental in my fitness successes.

I am very happy today.