Vancouver Sun Run – What a lot of FUN!

Monday, April 16, 2007 by Michelle

I did it! I joined with more than 54,000 people and ran the Vancouver Sun Run. That's a whole lot of people! And it was a lot of fun to be in a moving crowd with that much positive energy. I did much better than usual, so that tells me that I really get spurred on in a crowd (oh, that competitive spirit!) despite having to weave around people who suddenly stop to walk in the middle of the course. I have to say I'm really hooked.

Wade Davis & Phil Borges

Wednesday, April 4, 2007 by Michelle

Wade Davis & Phil Borges are joining with Atira in an evening fundraiser at the Firehall Arts Centre Theatre on April 12th in support of Atira's Digital Storytelling Project, which is inspired by Bridges to Understanding (a program founded by Phil in 2001). Wade Davis is the National Geographic Explorer in Residence, an ethnobotanist, author and above all else an extraordinary storyteller (and fellow British Columbian!). Wade will be joined by Phil Borges, a master photographer and recognized humanitarian whose portraits are collected and exhibited in museums and galleries worldwide. Call 604-689-0926 for tickets.

On April 13th at the Diane Farris Gallery, Phil will be launching his new book, Women Empowered. Phil will be joined by Michael Bednar, an award winning Vancouver-based photographer who will be showing images from his recent trip to Mongolia. A percentages of Michael's sales will be donated to Atira's Digital Storytelling Project. Call 604-531-9143 to RSVP

For more information, go to Both nights are extraordinary opportunities to both hear and see profoundly moving and amazing art.

Turning 40

Monday, April 2, 2007 by Michelle

I turned 40 on Saturday, March 31st. It's hard to believe that two years ago I was more than 55 lbs heavier and wondering what had happened to my 30s. I sure made up for that with a vengeance these past two years! Turns out, the later part of my 30s was the time where I became more fit than I've ever been. I look forward to an even fitter 4th decade.

During the weekend I was loved, loved, loved by my family, friends, co-workers and neighbours; it's wonderful to have the people in life intersect like that. I'm very thankful to have a husband who spent the time to organize such a memorable day. And it's pretty heady stuff finding out that the hard work I've done in these past two years has inspired family and friends to make healthy changes in their own lives.

So here I am, 40 years old and more fit than I ever thought possible, and getting moreso every day (especially the days I decide the weather or the stuff going on in life don't dictate whether or not I make healthy choices - I just do because it needs to be done). So thank you, my friends, family and everyone who has encouraged me along. It has made a big difference having a group of people cheering me on.