Shared Vision Visionary

Saturday, March 3, 2007 by Michelle

Walking down the street yesterday, I picked up a copy of the March 2007 Shared Vision magazine (a local free alternative magazine, with a new age flare) and who should adorn the cover but Janice Abbott, the Executive Director & CEO of the two Atiras. It was weird - wherever I looked there was Janice! Anyway, I have seen first-hand how hard she works to ensure Atira provides barrier-free innovative services to women in the community. And she has grown the organization from six of us in 1992 to 120 now between our not-for-profit society and for-profit business venture. With a dynamic board and staff, she continues to ensure programs for women, and their children, are created in the community despite government cutbacks and a lack of funding. Her passion for the work is inspiring.

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