Size Does Count

Friday, December 1, 2006 by Michelle

Today I wanted to buy a dress for the holiday season; I'm going to a couple of celebrations and a concert this month and I want to wear something that doesn't make me look like I'm wearing a potato sack. Problem is, none of my very few dresses fit me any longer.

Now that I'm able to go to "regular" stores instead of just plus-size ones, I decided to take a stroll down Commercial Drive and see what there was. Retro or vintage? Nope, not for me. Hippy-ish? Uh-uh. Cutesy, nope again. I ended up at Riot Clothing & Accessories down by Cafe du Soliel (not Deux) and saw they had a small selection of rather nice looking black dresses. So I started to look through them and the saleswoman came by to make a few helpful suggestions. We settled on one that was form fitting and had a black lace overlay and a rather shockingingly low neckline; she took a size 8 off the rack and I suggested we also take a 10 because I doubted I'd fit into an 8. My size 12 clothes are too loose, but surely there was no way I would fit into an 8. What would she know anyway? I had a winter jacket and baggy jeans on for crying out loud!

So I tried on the 10 and it was too loose in the bodice, which isn't a big surprise considering my rather minimally endowed chest. So I decided, "What the hell?" and tried on the size 8. And it fit. Really well. I have never fit into a size 8 in my life. Ever. I went from a chunky pre-teen to a very overweight teen in a short period of time (I weighed 175 lbs at age 13). And although I lost some of that in high-school and university, I was barely able to stuff myself into a size 10 at my smallest (which is 15 lbs lighter than I am now, but I didn't have any muscle back then). So here I am at the store feeling completely speechless that a size 8 dress not only fit me perfectly, but that it looked good on me. For the first time in my life, I have a "little black dress" and a half-decent body to go with it. Nothing in this world compares to the feeling that all this hard work has been worth it.