The Bay, a Soldier and a Caring Gift

Sunday, November 26, 2006 by Michelle

Background: My friend's brother Vince is in Kandahar Afghanistan with the Canadian military. His wife Melanie lives in Ontario and has many health problems, not the least of which is a very bad back (making driving and getting around in an Ontario winter very difficult). The two of them live on an army wage, so things are pretty tight financially. Melanie used to be a model and make-up is something in her life that makes her feel good about herself; but with their limited income and her health problems, she just couldn't bring herself to go out and buy this one brand of mascara she really likes but is out of.

To the Story: Vincent caught wind of Melanie being out of mascara and decided to call the local Bay to ask if they would send it to her and just charge it to his credit card. Her birthday was coming up and he thought it would be a nice surprise for her. The workers at the Bay were really touched by the story and thrilled to get a call from a soldier in Kandahar, so they went around to all the make-up counters and accepted donations of make-up for Melanie. Coincidentally, Melanie was on the phone with Vince when the package arrived - a 10"x10" box of make-up all for the price of a mascara. They were both touched and very happy with the generosity of the people at the Bay, and the moral support their gift implied.

Moral: If there's a moral here, it's simply that even if we don't support the war in Afghanistan, we can nevertheless treat the soldiers and their families with dignity and respect. That and, sometimes it's the simple things that make the biggest difference; like a bit of make-up for a former model who is feeling unwell and alone.