Running 5km

Sunday, July 30, 2006 by Michelle

I started running once per week around October 2005, then three to four days per week starting in May. I had what I thought was a reasonable goal of running 5km non-stop by the spring of 2007. I amended that goal a while ago when I realized I was running 3-4 km each time I went out (see and thought I could possibly do it by the end of the summer. Well I did it with flourish today, running just under 6km non-stop and I felt GREAT! I even added a bit extra when I reached what would have been the end of the run because I had more running in me. And I wasn't puffing or wheezing when I finished; I felt fabulous! Stretching at the end of my run, I marvelled at how far I've come in just over a year. I never truly believed I could do this and with such a sense of ease.

Sun & Stupidity

Sunday, July 23, 2006 by Michelle

Saturday. A lovely day to be outside in the fresh air and sunshine. We went to Ambleside Beach in West Vancouver and found a big shady tree to sit under and enjoy a picnic and some summer reading. I put some sun block on Chris' back for him and warned him to be careful because he's such a pasty white guy. I rarely burn because I have somewhat less pasty skin than he does and I usually stay in the shade. Usually is the key word here folks.

The water was pretty chilly and refreshing, and the shade a little on the cool side, so of course I spent a bit of time in the sun to warm up. Reading. Losing track of time. Twice I went for a cool dip and twice I warmed up in the lovely sunshine. Without sunblock on. Really, really dumb.

I had a shower when I got home and felt my shoulders were a bit prickly. I looked at my back in the mirror and WOWZA! I look like a person with red skin wearing a white bathing suit. My back is ridiculously burnt and I'm feeling pretty stupid. Aloe vera gel and I are friends right now. Bras on the other hand are not. So much for my Sunday run.

Chris is burnt wherever he didn't have sunblock on because he was in the sun a lot. And there are some lovely hand marks on his arms where I had put some sunblock for him when I was doing his back, with the understanding he was going to finish. He didn't finish. Haha.

Sigh; what a couple of dumb monkeys.

Religion & Science

Monday, July 10, 2006 by Michelle

Chris and I watched a rather scathing indictment on religion recently; Richard Dawkins, a well-known British scientist, speaks about how religion harms society. I warn my Christian friends that they may find the video challenging and possibly upsetting, but Mr. Dawkins really affirmed for me some of what I've been feeling since leaving Christianity in 2004 (and for a long time before leaving too, really).

Part I

Part II

I'm not sure what I believe any more; I tend to swing between agnosticism and athiesm. My life has certainly had less guilt and self-reproach since I left religion.

River Rafting

Sunday, July 2, 2006 by Michelle

Hyak Wilderness Adventures provided a fabulous river rafting adventure this weekend (July 1st) with our intrepid guide, Anja. I haven't been on the Chilliwack River in nearly 15 years, and I had forgotten just how beautiful the scenery is there. Besides some delicious rapids, the setting is downright stunning. I think I'll be running the Thompson River again this summer (I've been about 10 or so times over these past 15 years); one trip this summer just won't be enough! Bring on "The Frog" and "The Jaws of Death"!!

Photo by Siwik Productions