On Vanity and Aging

Saturday, February 18, 2006 by Michelle

2005 was a year of revelation for me, namely that I'm in my late 30s and going far too gray too fast for my comfort. The damn gray hairs stick straight up, out and forward on my head, some of them spiraling out of control in my fairly straight hair. Unnerving it is. I think I slept through my 30s and am rather stunned they're almost over; I'll be 39 in just over a month. Where the hell was I?

Last week I had a hair appointment and decided to do something about the gray. Sick of plucking the ones sticking straight out of my bangs (much to the horror of my hairdresser), I got my hair coloured my natural colour and got some bronze highlights for fun (much to the delight of my hairdresser). Then on a whim, I went to Escents Spa and had my eyebrows waxed on the advice of my friend Karen. Ouch.

Chris, my husband of 11 years, I was sure would notice the hair had no grays. And my friend Karen, of 18 years, would see the amazing eyebrows; she waxes poetic about the importance and amazingness of waxing. The result? The only thing said was by Chris; "Your haircut is a bit different - it does look nice though" (he rarely likes my haircuts and we have an agreement that he can't comment for at least a week until he gets used to it). No notice of the colour or eyebrows. Then Karen, Chris and I go on a nice long trail walk at Buntzen Lake the next day. I think, "surely they'll notice in the sun!" Nope. Nothing. Karen still hasn't noticed, even after I trounced her in Scrabble yesterday, and I finally gave up waiting and told Chris yesterday about it. Don't get me wrong, I'm not hurt or upset; I'm just a bit surprised. Hell, he was surprised when I told him.

What does all this mean? I ask myself. Perhaps that it wasn't so much about looking bad to others as it was my being anxious about the changes that have come with age. The people around me don't give much notice to the minor changes of my aging. It's in my own vanity that I see and fear all the inconsequential changes. This is something that I'll need to chew on for a while.

No space is sacred

Saturday, February 4, 2006 by Michelle

"A man has been arrested under a new section of the Criminal Code for allegedly filming up women's skirts as they shopped in Victoria." (from www.cbc.ca). Perhaps it's time to create underwear that says, "get lost a$$hole" on them or, even better, a realistic graphic representation of male genitals printed on them to freak jerks like this out. "Get a different hobby, buddy" comes to mind... but we all know this is much more insidious than that.