Fitness Update

Friday, January 27, 2006 by Michelle

Last night I called my good friend Cindy who I haven't seen in ages and we talked for over an hour about life, the universe and everything... including fitness. She's been tempted recently to join some new diet craze that would, like all diet crazes, do much more harm than good. We talked about how we all know that the big issue is getting off our proverbial butts and exercising, but we want quick fixes. How diet crazes are extremely bad for us emotionally and physically and, ultimately, only make things worse. There aren't any quick fixes, just a lot of work and a daily commitment to health. Then she said the most amazing thing... she said she put me on her list of people who are getting out there and just "doing it" (ahem, exercising). I was taken aback! I'm on someone's list; their "she's exercising and so can I" list! Me. Who would have ever believed it? Now there really is no turning back because I wouldn't want to (a) be taken off her list and (b) unmotivate her. But there's also no turning back because it's so much better now that I'm exercising regularly. I have a long way to go, but turning back is definitely not an option.

In terms of an update, I'm still going each week to my trainer and I've added a weekly jog and a walk home one day a week (about 4 km or so). A year ago I never would have believed I would be doing this (and enjoying it). Now I can imagine all kinds of things I will be able to do as I get more fit. Amazing.


Saturday, January 21, 2006 by Michelle

Beckwoman's at 1314 Commercial Drive in Vancouver, BC is a destination, not just a store. It is floor-to-ceiling full of everything your inner hippy would love and then some. I go there for all the fun(ny) stuff like the fridge magnet I got for my filing cabinet at work (the photo here). Some of the magnets, bumper stickers and t-shirts are pee-your-pants funny. There's other stuff too, like batik dresses, tie-died shirts, beaded curtains, sarongs, incense, and jewelry and knick-knacks from around the globe. Truly a fun place to go and spend a little of your hard-earned money. Warning, though... if you're claustrophobic, this isn't the store for you. UPDATE: I understand she's now only online and the store is no longer open.

Christmas 2005

Monday, January 2, 2006 by Michelle

This year my husband, Chris, and I decided to celebrate an "orphan" Christmas; our friends who were far from their families and nowhere to go for Christmas were invited to join us for dinner. At first, we thought there would be 2-3 guests, but we wanted to make sure everyone we could think of had a place at the table. Chris works for a French-owned company, so there are a number of people we knew from Europe who were far from home. We invited a number of them and two took us up on our offer. One of them invited three other friends (with our permission, of course), so now we were up to eight guests! Thankfully, we had enough plates, cutlery and chairs for 10 people (albeit mismatched), so it was perfect! There were guests from France, Germany, Switzerland, China, Singapore and Canada - what an eclectic bunch! And we had one of the loveliest Christmases we've had in a long time. "Family" isn't always biological!