The Corporation

Sunday, May 23, 2004 by Michelle

We went to see the film, The Corporation, last weekend. To say that it had an impact on us is an understatement! It's easy to believe as individuals we can do nothing against the tide of corporate bad practices. But that's not true!!

* We decided try to do our own small part to make to support the small businesses in our community, and we've started with restaurants. For every chain restaurant we (knowingly) eat at, we have to put $5 into a fund for a charity we've chosen to support. So even if the food is cheaper to begin with, we will end up paying more. Nothing like financial incentive to get us motivated!

* We're also in the midst of trying to renovate one of the rooms in our home. Our goal is to seek out organizations with practices that are sustainable (or at least that they know what that means) to get the work done. We're looking into bamboo flooring, as it is a grass and completely renewable. Or perhaps support the carpet company noted in the film that is working towards sustainability. Every little bit counts.

* We have long been aware of sweatshop labour and have abhorred the practice. We are going to continue to be diligent to make informed choices about clothing and footwear purchases. It's harder, but it's also worth it.

Do you have any comments or ideas? I welcome your feedback.


Tuesday, May 18, 2004 by Michelle

My other favourite hobby is scrapbooking. My husband and I work on our photo albums every Sunday evening... it's tradition! We've got a lot of photos to get into our albums, so we'll be at it for a while. My Creative Memories consultant, Marj Ehresman, helps supply me with inspiration and wonderful products. For more information, check out her website at Let her know you heard about her from me if you contact her!