Of a Certain Age

Thursday, December 8, 2011 by Michelle

Over the past year, I’ve been mildly afflicted by an occasional slight fever. Oddly, it’s usually near the end of my menstrual cycle, then it just clears up. It’s very strange, now that I think of it, that I always seem to be on my way to being sick without actually arriving.

I suddenly realized the other day, “as a woman of a certain age”, that I may be having mild hot flashes. Because they’re dressed as a pleasant warmth to my face, it honestly didn’t occur to me it was anything but an occasional mild bug. I guess I was thinking perimenopause would be flashier and more dramatic. The “Oh, Someone Open a Window NOW!” kind of intensity, with lots of sweat and a complete disregard for the chattering teeth of those around me.

Then, for the first time since the age of 11, I skipped a period. Sailed right over it. It didn’t even say “whoosh” when it went sweeping by; it just didn’t show up. I still had my usual back discomfort (twice this cycle) and other mild symptoms, but nothing happened. (I just hope it doesn’t overcompensate because I’m really liking this!)

Oh, and I’ve noticed over the past year or so that I’m craving creative outlets; I’m knitting again, am quilting more, and am taking a sewing class so I can make myself a dress. These aren’t odd for me as I've always been a crafty woman, but it is interesting that there a sense of a little urgency to it for me now.

If this is perimenopause, I’m very happy with it!